Was out for a look about last evening with my daughter, we stalked onto a roe doe for a closer look, she was joined by another older doe after a couple of minutes who was keeping a close eye on the wood from where she came, then out came a buck and started to chase the original doe all over the stubble with the doe squeeking and his nose firmly glued to her backside, did not see him cover her, its not the latest l have seen rutting activity but all the things being equal l would call it pretty late all the same.

Then another strange thing happend while we was standing watching the chase l noticed a muntie doe and a well grown fawn had came out onto the stubble, they was quickly joined by a badger, almost strait away the badger started to chase the young muntie around, this went on for a couple of minutes then they both returned to the wood, a minute or two later they retuned to stubble and resumed the chase for a further minute or two, the badger looked young and was not aggressive to the deer at all, anyone seen this behaviour before.