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    Wildcat Mods

    Does anyone here who owns a Wildcat moderator use it on more than one rifle?
    One of their advantages is the modular design, but does any one actually take it off their .223, change the baffles etc then stick it on their 308 for example? And do you trust your rifles to shoot straight after you've messed around with the moderator?
    I've got one on my .223 and was wondering whether I can save myself a few hundred quid by getting the bits and bobs needed so I can mount it on my 7mm08 when I get it.

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    Mick, I think that is the purpose of those wildcat mods, that the interchangeable parts mean you only need one mod for all your centrefires.
    Should be a quick job to find if there's any shift to the zero.
    Enjoy the 7-08, I wouldn't be without mine.

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    i use a T8 on both my .222 and .243 and have no problems with accuracy, im sure its recommended by most people to store rifle barrel down with mod off?? and i wouldnt clean a rifle with the mod on so i see no problem with you swapping it over.

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    I have a Wildcat Predator 8 in .30 calibre.
    Although you can get smaller calibre modules to inter change, they are not cheap so I stick with the .30 calibre Moderator and just change the delrin bush to fit the profiles of my other rifles.
    I use the same mod on .222 .22-250 .243 and .308 and there is no discernable difference in attenuation.
    Taking it off and on the variouse rifles does not alter the accuracy on any of my rifles.
    I always store my rifle with the mod off.

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    Thanks chaps. So none of you have accuracy problems when you take your mod off and put it back on. I cant say I've noticed any difference when I've taken mine off when cleaning the barrel, but if I shoot a 3/4" group at 100yds I'm doing very well so any slight difference in grouping I wont know whether it's my dodgy shooting or the mod!

    Looking at the Wildcat website it looks as though I'll only need to buy a Predator 8 calibre adaptor and the rear bush. I'm assuming the one I was sold is .22 calibres only, will I be able to tell with a tape measure?

    How necessary is the rear bush? I dont think it touches the barrel so what does it actually do?

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    I have a Wildcat and haven't noticed any problems taking it on and offmy rifle.

    The rear plastic washer/bushing does touch the barrel and is in fact a rear "support" for the mod..As such it needs fitting to the rifle barrel quite carefully. so as it matches the taper of the barrel...If the hole in it is too small, the mod won't screwup properly and if its too large, the mod won't be supported correctly..

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    I never really noticed it touching the barrel. I suppose it's best to have the bushing cut by a gunsmith at the same time as having the rifle screwcut.

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    Andy Banner, maker of the Wildcat moderators and owner of UK Custom Shop, offers excellent customer service - it's always worth giving him a ring for any information about his products. He says the rear bushing should be pretty tight on the barrel (mine only comes off when the barrel's hot) but as long as the threading is good with an accurate shoulder, the spacing of the bush isn't critical.

    I've just changed my .223 and the new rifle has a different thread - it only cost me 40 for a new middle bridge in 5/8" for my Predator 8 instead of 200+ for a whole new moderator (plus I still have the 1/2" bridge if I need it). Likewise, if I want to run the same mod' on my .223 and new .270, I just need a new front diffuser in the larger size at around 100 - as long as I have the new gun threaded in 1/2"x20unf or 5/8"x20unf, it's a 5 second job to make the change.

    I also like the fact I can strip the P8 to a pile of bits in a few seconds and bung them into the ultrasonic bath for a good clean. I have found the P8 a well designed and well made unit so far, which does a seriously good job of taming the bark of my 24" barrelled .223.

    That said, I'm tempted to splash out on the new Ase Utra Northstar mod' for the .270 - very tasty looking, if a bit on the chunky side when handled in the flesh.


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    I have never liked dealing with any company that deliberately misses off their registered address and or their operational address as well as their land line telephone number from the contact details on their web site. That along with their sometimes lack of product and professional indemnity insurances always raise questions. IMO

    Irrespective of how good their products or services are reputed to be.

    I am sure as far as Andy Banner and his UK Custom shop is concerned it is merely an administrative and web design over sight.

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    I'm not sure, but I think it's probably because Andrew runs his firearms business from the family home and has neither shop nor showroom - he is in the process of opening a new shop in Droitwich, nr Worcester.

    He'll make you a decent cup of tea if you arrange to visit him at home though

    I have no connection with Wildcat by the way - I'm just a repeat customer.


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