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Thread: Dilemma... redundancy or college?!

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    Dilemma... redundancy or college?!

    I'm being made redundant but they haven't given me a date yet (other than saying "before xmas")... I've decided to re-train but all the courses start in september so I'd have to simply leave and lose the redundancy payout which I'm relying on to get me by until I can get a part time job.

    I was going to go and do "countryside management" but realistically I can't pass up the redundancy money, so just wondered if anyone knew if that sort of qualification was essential to go and work for an estate or the Forrestry commission, or if there are other courses I can do that will give me just as good a chance (lantra etc)?


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    If you are interested in a specific course then talk to the course leader and explain your circumstances, they may be an opportunity to study while absent until you are made redundant.

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    Rich, I would have thought a chainsaw certificate, first aid, DSC 1 or 2 (if you don't have them already) would all be of help. I think my first port of call would be to get the prospectus from your local ag college to see what is on offer. ATB, Moonraker

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    speak to the NGO or the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust, they will be able to give you some top advice. Just a quick warning the job market is pretty static at the moment in keeping, etc.

    I have a friend who works for the FC as a trainee or intern, basically he does the donkey work and doesnt get paid. There is also no gaurantee of a job at the end of the year.

    Good luck with it

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    Rich, have you looked into into the voluntary redundancy process which may enable you to fix a leave date or bring it forward without necessarily forfeiting any pay-out and therefore getting on to a course sooner? If not, I would recommend looking into it. Plenty of info on the internet and, now your work has told you it will happen, you should be able to get information from them. Good luck with it mate. F

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    Thanks guys - have just emailed HR to see if I can take a voluntary redundancy early, and have arranged to go and see the course leader tonight!

    Have DSC1 and may go and do DSC2 and chainsaw/lantra courses if possible too...

    I think things are tough all round at the moment, have to give it a go though as the only thing more depressing to me than being made redundant is the thought of another 10 years spent sat at a desk selling my soul!

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    It cost me a grand. I had the necessity to warn my crew that due to lack of orders redundency at the end of April was a real possibility. This was withdrawn by end of feb with fresh contracts secured. Now one lad was doing homers and then screwing up orders. Two sheds delivered to the scottish islands had to be brought back for modification. He walked out and started with the person he was working nights for. Four months later he took me for th redundency because he claimed he left because he could alternative employment. I would have won the tribuneral but it would have cost me a packet in legal expenses with no comeback. I paid a grand to make it go away. However the moral is "if you have a redundency letter you are entitled to look for alternative employment without loss of redundency." don't quote me without checking it out. Rules change all the time. Jim

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    Check out Countryside Jobs Service - home page
    most vacancies in the sector, but no Keepering, voluntary work and courses too.

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    Thanks Jimbo and Bomag - will let you know how I get on!

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    Hi mate

    I have a friend in a similar position. I'd go to cirencester and do a masters or year long course. You'll have a great time too!



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