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Thread: Scotland dva

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    Scotland dva

    In Scotland over the last ten years we have had two Fatality,s involving deer. Should we worry about this or is it part of life. May i add that there has been no increase in fact there are slightly less.?
    Opinion,s on this please.
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    How did the fatalities occur?
    Firearm/heart attack/fall/gored with antlers???

    Any more info David?

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    Daz its says DVA in the title so it is talking about Deer Vehicle Accidents. I should have put that in full in the first post

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    Ah - i see
    In that case - loads more deer fencing!!!

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    That's a very low figure, considering the amount of dead deer you see at the side of a road, never mind the ones that manage to remove themselves so far and die under a bush, although still extremely upsetting for the families involved.

    There would be no way of preventing these accidents, impossible to secure roads to that extent. What I do see though is an increase in preventative measures taking place. Long stretches (A9 I'm on about here) having a fence at the road side, but what may happen as a result of this, is when the deer reach the end of the fence they will then cross, reducing the danger from the fenced area, but moving the danger to another area.

    I wonder if a document showing how many vehicle deaths by cattle/horses/sheep etc would be obtainable for a comparison.

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    I think we need another DVA quango to be inside SNH and the DCS, this is an outrage!!! and it cannot continue.

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    Two DVAs are what are known about and what can be recorded. How many crashes are there where the car is wrapped around a tree in a rural road with no real explanation? Just because only 2 fatalities had deer found at the side of the road doesnt meaning there has only been 2 DVAs.

    Taken from SNH report on DVCs

    Department of Transport guidelines (DfT, 2009) value the economic cost of human injury traffic accidents across all severities at 75,000 per incident; so that the annual estimated economic burden posed by 65 human injury DVCs in Scotland per year would be calculated at 4.9 million.

    Just a thought!

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    About 141 people die in the UK each year while putting on their trousers. Perspective is a wonderful thing, and something that seems lacking in some quarters.
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    I came close to getting killed by a deer whilst beating I was standing on the edge of some maize around 5ft tall whilst the beaters were walking towards me two roe spikers came bounding out of it they went just either side of my shoulders I have no doubt in my mind that had I been 12 inches either side they would have hit me straight in the head pretty scarey to be honest but got no sympathy from the lads that's for sure

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    C N So you believe all you read do you lol and i wounder how many deer get blamed for accidents when it could be any number of animals. 75,000 per accident is a load of crap and they know it. Propaganda spin and lies that's all we have had from the deer sector over the last few years.
    If you thnk people are really stupid cut and paste from the SNH crap.

    Here is an extract from an email i got back after contacting insurance companies my self.
    DR Jochen is the chap that did the reasurch for SNH.

    The broad 'average claim cost' of 1350 per claim offered based on the sample of Fortis Insurance records , changes very little irrespective whether considering all UK claims or merely those for Scotland. On average among our samples of over 5000 insurance records obtained from just one insurance company (Fortis named Ageas) over the years, around 18% occur in Scotland and most of the remainder in England , with less than 1% in Wales). That greatest numbers occur in England is unsurprising, as total traffic volume in England is close to 4-fold that carried on Scottish roads.
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