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Thread: Gamedealers near Andover

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    Gamedealers near Andover

    Anyone heard of A P game dealers near or in Andover ? PM me please if you have any info.

    Thank you
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    hi malc
    havent heard of them myself
    theres a guy on here tony lowry done a couple of dog tracking days with him I cant remember his site name
    he writes in one of the magazines on a shotgun clinic hed know
    if i remember his site name i will get back to you regards pete .

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    The only Game Dealer I know of in or near Andover is Hampshire Game and they are at Clanville, just outside Andover.
    They have been there for years and everybody in the surrounding area deals with them.
    I have dealt with them since the 70s and they always pay on the nail, very good to deal with.
    There is another at Everliegh which isn't far from Andover, a Farm shop and is very fussy at what and when he takes things, he also pays by cheque and takes ages to send it to you.

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