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Thread: need rubber or knockout plugs!

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    need rubber or knockout plugs!

    does anyone have either an old recoil pad in the traiditional english red rubber or alternatively a couple of knockout plugs in that material/colour?

    When I screwed in the new pad the slits I cut didn't close up properly over the screwheads so I'd like to screw a slightly larger hole and plug them with rubber plugs, but clearly I don't have any spare and don't really want to buy a new pad just to cut some out.

    I figured someone might have some material kicking about their shed?

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    I met the Kynoch rep at IWA in Germany and they sent me a silvers red rubber plug cost me a fiver.
    I gets covered in leather afterwards so you could try a home brew rubber corks. Just an idea.

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    ordered some laboratory rubber plugs, should do the job and made of the same material and colour I understand

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    I have a 1x4x6" slab of black rubber on its way.
    not the right colour but might look good as a contrast!

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    thanks Ed, I'll pass though, I have some other black rubber plugs from another recoil pad I could have used. will give give the lab plugs a go, I have a feeling they'll blend it perfectly

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    Have a look on some porn sites. They'll have some rubber butt plugs. My guess is they'll come different sizes and colours too. Only trying to help!!

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    I thought that comment might just pop up

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