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Thread: Leica Geovid Battery life.

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    Leica Geovid Battery life.

    I have a pair of Geovid 8x56 and they seem to `eat`Batteries. They only last a couple of trips to our Ground.
    I use good quality Batteries.
    What life are other users getting?
    I am thinking they may need returning to Leica for a check.


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    Used mine 2/3times a week for two years on the same batteries, sounds like you may have a problem.

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    Similiar to TonyC had mine 3+yrs still on same battery. Send them back. Jon

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    Agree with the last two posters


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    Can't remember how long I've had mine certainly a couple of years,but still on the same battery,so as said I think you have some sort of problem.


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    Thanks Gents.
    Wow! It would indeed seem i have a problem.
    Are Leica good to deal with. I read plenty of members praising Swarovski and Zeiss but not Leica.


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    I have Leica excellent to deal with. Binos dropped and focus hard to adjust, took them to Leica dealer, not where purchased, they sent back to Germany and new set or repaired set (couldn't tell the difference) back within three weeks also when lens covers torn off in heavy undergrowth was sent a new pair. All free of charge and no postage. Just give them a ring and explain. For the price they charge they don't want a bad reputation for service or faults. I cannot fault them or their after sales service/customer care.


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    My original battery fitted to the 10 mag Leica's, is probably around five years old, used at least three nights a week plus stalking outings.
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    same as others say, battery lasts years,as for leica customer services, i would say they are spot on ,having sent mine back for a repair ,they came back like brand new ,however it cost me a fair price ,as some of the damage was due to misuse,(scratched lens) etc and some was repaired under warranty,they will send an estimate for the work needed before comencing ,hope this helps .arron.

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    Thank you very much for the Replies. They have been most helpfull. I will get in touch with Leica.
    Thank you.


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