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Thread: Canon 15 x 50 binos with stabilisation - reviewed?

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    Canon 15 x 50 binos with stabilisation - reviewed?

    I have been looking at some Canon 15 x 50 (model canon 15x50 IS) with stabilisation today. I originally walked into the shop to look at some Swarovski binos but these impressed me. Due to the high magnification, a stable image is difficult but with the stabilisation facility they looked awesome. However, they were not in my radar originally so I'm looking for some feedback. Anyone out there got any experience with the binos and the company and if they perform well at dawn and dusk?

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    The only time I tried some was several years ago and my only memory of them was an overwhelming feeling of sea sickness, very strange feeling, but that might just be me, I would think the added weight, battery life etc would put me off personally, I'd rather have top of the range basic optics than over complicated cheaper ones.
    Just my opinion tho.


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    I think your other problem, certainly if stalking in woodland, will be field of view. It is going to take an awful long time to scan the bushes in front of you at 15 times magnification instead of 8 times. Multiply that by the number of times you need to scan the area in front as you stalk along and my feeling is that such high mag binos would drive you mad in short order.
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    Thanks everyone for their feedback. You gave me enough info to hold back for now. I too was worried about scanning at shorter distances with such a high mag and think it probably will become frustrating over time.

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    You will also find that the image wouldn't be very bright in low light due to the magnification . Exit purple on these would only be about 3.3mm and you ideally need it to be nearer 7mm . To find this number divide the objective lense size by the magnification.

    Cheers Jon

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