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Thread: 2 Cull Reds Next Week

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    2 Cull Reds Next Week SOLD ! SOLD!

    I know this short notice but a client of mine wishes to remove 2 Red Stags next week.

    The cost is 340.00 to take both animals.

    They are in a park environment so it would not be stalking, but culling.
    What I can offer is rangfacilities from 100 out to 250 yards so you may do a morning range time and inthe afternoon cull 2 stags.

    The stags are both 10/12 pointsand good body size.
    Ive advertised it in Training Courses, but as its short notice I am opening out for anyone want to take acouple of reds.

    You may bring more than 1rifle to the range but .243 and above for the deer.
    I have to cull these animals between Monday and Thursday next week.

    For further info please PM me
    (Would consider 2 hunting buddies whishing to split cost.)

    Cheers Andrew
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    If only Andrew if only

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    Thank you for all PMs

    The Stags are SOLD

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