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    Bad Press

    Radio Clyde today reported the find in AYR by a dog walker of a deer hanging high up in a tree. Investigations of the deer led to the belief that it was involved in blood sports. Bad press with out a chance to answer.

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    Mibby it was a big cat that dragged it up a tree ?

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    Maybe it was a legal deer stalker and there was nothing sinister at all but hey that would not make news.

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    "High up in a tree" sounds like Preadator

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    "blood sports".

    Dont you just hate hearing that phrase.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    I was working in Ayrshire today and the reckon it was lads coursing and left it 9' high.. And the police have asked ll to be vigilant and repirt anything suspisious.


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    Face missing and ear sounds like a head shot . But no doubt they will catch the person because they can take samples of DNA from it and put it in the criminal data base.

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    Hells Bells! If a "Big Cat" hung that one up that's shown in the picture on the link it is one hellish clever moggy!
    I know that cats are quite intelligent but wherever did it learn to hang game as well as that one?
    Next thing you know we will be reading about Lenny The Lion putting in for his DSC1s

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