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    duck oil

    Has anybody used Swarfega Duck Oil on their guns, ive seen it and it seems good value and is available in decent quantities rather than silly little " 4oz " bottles I have been buying. Im looking for an allround gun oil, anyone any suggestions.

    Anyones two pence would appreciated. Thanks.

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    You can get it in 5l drums, can get you a price if you need?

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    Ive seen that 5 litres for roughly 24 just dont know if its safe on bluing ect, you hear horror stories of some oils.

    have you used it redlab?

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    As long as its mineral oil with a viscosity around ISO 68 or thicker if needed then it shouldn't have any detrimental effect on bluing, maybe steer clear of hydraulic oils as the zinc may cause a problem. I use a general r&o oil in 68cst with no issues.

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    Yes, I have been using duck oil on shotguns and rifles for many years now, with no ill effects on blueing. It seems to protect metal well against damp etc.

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    I think ill give it a go then, thanks for all the input then lads.

    regards IY

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    We used duck oil when I was in the garage, trade probably the best penetrating oil there is unless they have changed the formula in the last 15 years.

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    Seriously how much oil do you get through? I find the little bottles last ages (year+). You only need s few drops.

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    I wouldnt say I over use oil, for example I use two little bottles a year, for the price of those I might aswell buy a bigger quantity and if it does the same job and lasts five years im quids in, plus it can be used in other applications.

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