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    On my travels, at the end of a journey, I would find an inspection of the front bumper and headlights of the car entomologically interesting.
    Baetis Rhodani, iron blues and numerous other bugs some not identifiable except as a chromatographic smear.
    In the last 5 years, despite travelling as many miles as usual, I've noticed a dramatic reduction in the rainbow smears on the car.
    Are there simply less flying insects about? Has anybody else noticed this phenomenon? Should I just pour another glass of amarone and not worry about such things?
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    It's been such a dreadful summer for all things entomological that I wouldn't be too worried about this year. Last year was bad too, and so were some of the ones before that. I did write this, as well as taking most of the photos six years ago, however, and there were plenty about then!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deako View Post
    Another glass Tony....
    +1 in fact I'd open another bottle

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    you must be really bored ,go and make some more sticks ...

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