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Thread: Hydrogen fuel cells

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    Hydrogen fuel cells

    Howdy all, been reading up a lot recently on HHO fuel cell/generator technology, various models and prices from the very reasonable to the downright obscene,I am considering a diy fit to the jeep and can source one from the US for roughly 70 quid, now the fact is that a car will run on hydrogen,and adding it to the air intake as a catalyst will undoubtedly increase mpg, my question apart from the obvious,IE does anyone have experience of one? is does the energy used from the alternator to produce the power to the electodes outweigh the benefit from the hydrogen produced, personally I cant see how powering a small element can possibly use lots of energy, but I am open to all sensible comments, over to you gentelmen

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    It's not quite as easy as just plugging in your cell. PM me if you want to chat about it.

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