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Thread: Rifle Scope WHY

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    Rifle Scope WHY

    I am currently looking for a new scope to put on my .222 tikka m590, I’d love to go top end new but just cannot justify that kind of money for a relative beginner’s occasional use. I am currently overseas still for the next couple of months so am in norush to get something asap so I have time to wait for the right deal to come along. Looking at past sales on SD of S&B, Zeiss (possibly older Swaro?) Iam giving myself a budget of 250 + or – a few ’s depending on condition, age, warranty, model & any paperwork etc. I am looking for something in 6x42 that someone is selling or planning to sell in the next couple of months to upgrade etc for genuine reasons.

    I Bought a scope off flea bay to treat myself for when I was back on R&R and was just a bit more than deflated when one of the turrets fell off when I was unscrewing the cap (Luckily the seller refunded money straight away so think it may have been genuine and not trying to fleece me) so no junk please as I can’t afford to buy a dud.

    Please PM me with any details even if your just thinking ahead a month or two at selling what you currently have it would be appreciated. Atb Gordon.
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    Look at vortex, very reasonable price tag and very good quality for what you pay. Also meopta seem
    very good value for money. Or buy second hand Fixed mag. Plenty around the 300-400 mark

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    Might have a Meopta 3-12x50 for sale soon 300. Very good scope for the money.

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    I have a Nickel Marburg 6x42 in like new condition with brilliant optics & a no. 4 reticle & the original scope cover with see through ends. 175.
    Can send photos, pm me if interested.

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    Cheers for the offers guys got sorted with a nice s/h 8 x 56. Think I may keep an eye out for a 6 x 42 now for a second rifle now though but budget not quite so high this time. atb Gordon.

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