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    Exclamation Bradley Smoker

    Hi guys,
    I am thinking of buying a Bradley smoker.I am not sure which one to buy,the Original or the Digital one.Thinking of buying the Cold Smoke unit as well.Any thoughts or recommendations would be great,because the Smoker is not that cheap.

    All the best, Hubert

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    Have got the digital one.

    Pretty good and no complaints, however, none of the Bradley smokers are that good at cold smoking.

    All in all I would recommend them.



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    Have you considered making a cold smoker? Quite simple.
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    limulus - how do you make your cold smoker?

    I have a couple of old whisky casks that i want to turn into cold smokers, but have been deliberating the best way to go about it.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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    The Bradley Digital gives you much better control over time, temperature and smoke level and you CAN buy a cold smoke adaptor kit that works very well actually.

    We have used the Digital for years, and they get great results if you dont plan on hanging around for ages checking on temperature, and smoke levels etc, with the Digital you can program and check back in a bit to ensure all is well.



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    Make a smoke generator..... a used 20/25lt veg oil tin, cut in half, cleaned, put wood chips of choice in base then place on a low set camping stove, seal top bit into bottom bit (the just slide one inside the other, watch for sharp edges), connect a piece, about 8ft of flexible aircon/ducting pipe between the top of the can and your receiver barrel/container.
    Drill a hole big enough to take a thermometer at the receiver end, the smoke wants to be no more than 40C when it reaches the receiver. Use the flexi to stretch or compress the pipe so that the temp is adjusted. Leave the thermometer in place sealed with a spot of silicon sealant.
    If your not getting enough smoke drill some holes about 3" up from the bottom of the gen. You only need a couple of holes and make wooden pegs that can be used to block 'em off to reduce the air intake.
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    Forgot to add. The receiver can be another veg oil tin with a microwave trivet in to put whatever you're smoking on.
    Below is a link to my website.
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