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Thread: How do you lose a gun?

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    more to the point , how do you misplace a cannon ???????

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    probably the same way as i keep losing the remotes for the tv!

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    i was reading that article last night on the bbc news app. it does seem very high. any body know what the overall number of legally held firearms in the uk is at the moment. it would be good to look at it from a percentage of the total. i am not sure how you would loose a gun but as we all know the amount of thefts from FAC homes at the moment is worrying. i am afraid of the consequences around my family not being able to provide keys to a gun cabinet in the event of a burglary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yorksjt View Post
    Fairly well balanced article from the Beeb, as normally they are biased against Firearms, but the comments from ACPO guy and Bill Harriman were good.

    Would like to know how many cars used in criminal acts were stolen in the same period. Might put the article in to context a bit more......

    You do have to wonder how you `lose` a firearm though......

    All the best.


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    Article says nearly 2 million legally held firearms. So 3000 lost or stolen was 0.15% - in 5 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeilG View Post
    Article says nearly 2 million legally held firearms. So 3000 lost or stolen was 0.15% - in 5 years.
    cheers neil, small percentage when you look at it from that perspective. still to loose a firearm must be either very unlucky or negligent. a friend was shooting ducks from a hide located on the shore, he fell walking out to the hide and couldn't find his semi auto after he got back to his feet. he searched for approx 45 mins before he was able to find the gun.
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    Have a look at this thread from yesterday to see how I nearly lost mine

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    i dont think comparing numbers held or vehicles used in crime that are stolen is relevant at all.

    Discount the 1750 guns stolen, you can hardly blame the holder if his cabinet is wrenched off the wall

    more disturbing IMO is the remaining 816 rifles and shotguns LOST!
    I can see people losing a mod or a spare barrel, or a musket that is on the wall, canon that sits in the garden etc etc

    I echo the OP. How do you LOSE a rifle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MONGOOSE View Post
    Have a look at this thread from yesterday to see how I nearly lost mine
    Hello Mongoose.

    Just read the thread from yesterday, and I can understand your situation for sure, and not having done that much fowling, did not appreciate the impact the shooting environment could play... I suppose explaining circumstances like that can be as difficult, if people don`t know what is involved....

    All the best.


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