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Thread: .243 bsa monarch

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    .243 bsa monarch

    Hi Gentlemen, ive had this rifle now for 12years and i like it a lot ive had it screw cut and have put a t8 moderator on it, ive just recently started reloading and i would like any members who have the same rifle or any experiance in reloading for the same, could pass on any data or tips on all loads please.
    Kindest regards Neil

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    Hi Neil

    Your BSA is just like any other 243 - If you want to reload for it just keep things close to factory ammo sizes (COAL etc) and develop your loads yourself using powder manufacturers' data.
    No two rifles are identical so each should be treated as an individual when reloading.
    I'm fairly close so if you need detailed help - just PM me & we can sort you out.
    Have you selected the bullets you wish to use? - It all starts from there.


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    Every BSA I have re loaded for A grand total of 3, 6.5x 55, 270, 30-06 like their amunition on the long side BSA chambers seem to have long throats.

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    Sorry but my 7x57 CF2 likes the Hornady 139 Gr BTSP seated to that the crimping ring is about 0.5mm out of the case neck. Seated out further grouping opens up horribly. I have it noted in my reloading notes that my 270 Monarch has a shorter leade/throat. I also own a 270 majestic featherweight and a CF2 Stutzen in 270 Winchester.

    I was loading the Sierra 150 grn #1845 to 3.318" OAL but the Monarch requires them to be loaded to 3.260" OAL. Until it was re-barrelled to 180 AI I also have another 270 Winchester chambered Majestic and also have a .243 Majestic. My other BSA's are older and pre-date the modern ones being built on Military actions like the P-14 and Metford carbine and of course are in .303.

    The Monarchs and Majestics had cut rifles and lapped barrels, after them they switched to hammer forging for the barrel manufacture, on most full bores but retained the cur rifling machines.

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