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    Has anybody actually got and used a ASE Utra NorthStar NS-3S. If so what are your opinions on it e.g attenuation, your calibre vs exit hole, finish, balance etc.
    I have Jet Z's on all my rifles bar one and this one really needs a reflex design or it will be too long for me.

    I have all the info from Pete Jackson but a subjective view is what i am looking for. I missed a write up in the mags a couple of months ago so any help / views would be appreciated.

    Best regards

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    Hi S,
    I have an Ase Northstar on my Sauer 202 .308 and it is the business. See my post with photos under Equipment and Accessory reviews about a month ago....good luck.


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    i have a ase utra on my .17hmr (only the small bore version) and it's a very good silencer and beats all the other smallbore silencers i have put it against tho i cant say ive used the bigger version if its anything like its little brother it will be good

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    Thanks chaps,
    Very helpful, especially as its also going on Sauer 202.

    thank you.
    Best regards

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