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Thread: Knife sharpening??

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    Knife sharpening??

    Hi Guys,

    Anyone got any tips for sharpening Knives using the Fallkniven DC4 sharpening stone? Try as I might, a butter knife would be sharper...any suggestions or techinques for how to do it correctly would be greatly appreciated


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    Actually this is a skill I've just never managed to nail. I have some fantastic kitchen knives which came with a ceramic wheel sharpener adapted specifically to their blabe profile, and so they're always razor-sharp, but I just don't really know how to properly sharpen my various hunting/fishing knives.

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    You have 2 options, learn how to do it properly or cheat!

    I tend to use a flat diamond card and I can get a good edge quickly, with minimal loss of material, but it takes practice. The cheats way is to buy a honing guide, the rather savage Blade Tech at the bottom end of the market or something like a Spyderco or Lanksey set.

    Moray Outfitting had a good budget version on his site that I have two ordered to collect! Maybe PM him and see if he has any left. Think there is a sharpening article/guide on the site too.

    Lansky Fold-A-Vee Sharpener - Forest and Hill

    Articles - Forest and Hill

    You can sharpen a knife with a 50p piece of wet and dry and a flat surface!

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    Apache thank you for the kind words - I'd forgotten about those sharpening notes( must go back and correct spelling! )

    The DC4 is a quality piece of kit. It can be hard to get the hang of it - in particular holding it and avoiding your fingers! In a different league entirely from the blade tech blade strippers.

    Everything comes down to consistency - holding a constant angle. It is very easy to unintentionally roll the edge as you try to sharpen it.

    I know it sort of goes against the idea of having a handy and compact stone, but to start with these it can be useful to actually secure them to a surface. Ray Mears does this in one of his videos - by tapping 4 panel pins into a handy tree stump. I'm sure the same effect can be achieved with a spare bit of 2x1.

    With the DC4 held you can concentrate on the angle which you pass the knife over it.

    Unless you have a nicked blade, I'd pass on the metal/diamond side ( which is mono-crystalline on the DC4 - the best type for a sharpener and part of the reason for their cost ). The correct angle can take some practise - try to have a close look at the edge and try to duplicate that.

    Relax! Your body is quite capable of replicating movement/ angles every bit as precisely as these fixed guide systems. Sounds counter intuitive, but try not to over think about it. Also keep strokes very light - the harder you press, the more likely you are to create a feather and roll it over from one side to the other.

    Once you develop a style that works your confidence builds at it gets much easier. Once at that stage then dismount the DC4 and go free-style - just watch your fingers! Further, with confidence you'll be happier giving the edge a quick touch up - always much better than leaving it until the edge dulls.

    If all else fails, we have the Fold A Vees in stock - not a crass marketing plug, but easier to use from the outset. But as said at the start, DC4 is a quality tool.

    I'm trying to convince Dougster to do some video's on sharpening ( no pressure R ! ) - he is the guru on this!

    Went away and found a Youtube vid on it - hope this helps -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    Actually this is a skill I've just never managed to nail. I have some fantastic kitchen knives which came with a ceramic wheel sharpener adapted specifically to their blabe profile, and so they're always razor-sharp, but I just don't really know how to properly sharpen my various hunting/fishing knives.
    That's probably because the kitchen knives are set at an angle of roughly 15 degrees, the hunting knives at astudier 20. Just raise the spine of the knife or buy a Lansky, which has both of the angles set.

    I haven't had time to shave properly the last few weeks, but hope to do some vids soon. I'm afraid the main reason I get my stuff sharp is because a) I spend too much tme on it and b) I have spent a lot of money on sharpening kit over the years.

    I'll try to help other though as once you can get your knives really sharp it's a joyto use them.

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    Thanks for the comments guys. I guess with practice It'll come good.


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    Start course and work through to fine. I was spending ages trying to sharpen with too fine a diamond sharpener then trying to strop it , all with poor results. Then watching the above, realised that I needed to start from scratch. Great results, and my faith is restored in my own capabilities. Don,t be afraid to do this with a new knife either.

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    I use Mora's all the time, I could never get the shave your arm sharpness they came with so I spent some time/money trying different kit and experimenting, I have got to the point where my kit now consists of a lansky kit for misused blades and a lansky twin ceramic hand held plastic thingy from the game fairs all this gives me a decent edge but the bit I found most usefull is stropping! Until a blade is stropped it will not shave properly! Now my Mora's are as sharp as when I bought them.

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    Hi all,

    My wife reckons its my second favourite hobbie,
    at this stage I should do a degree in sharpening. My Grandfather would say prior to us going stalking your only as sharp as your knife! that's set the ball rolling.

    This maybe of help but look up Ray Mears on youtube and he as a very informative video regarding the subject if anything you may pick up a tip or two.

    I use a small wet Japanese wet stone socked in water for 15min and then I use a smiths ceramic rod then followed by a butchers steel and I can shave with after this treatment.

    I got best results if I left an hour of so between stages I don’t know why maybe that the steel holds an edge better if cold.

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