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Thread: just my finding on nice scopes

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    just my finding on nice scopes

    I have a bit of a reputation on other shooting sites for swapping my scopes,

    a bit of a short story on my findings.

    I have in the last 16 moths been set upon by a optician, in other words i now find myself having to use glasses.

    i have found that some scopes just don't work with glasses ( for me that is ) i have run down a lot of glass, liked lost and never to return to some, so here is my rather selfish self appointed opinion of what i think of the scopes i have had.

    i have to say there are some that the big budget boys might not even have heard of, but this is the real world of those of us who shoot on a budget,

    I for one have to save up then sell the scope i have, in order to move up in the world of glass. so sit back have a beer and a bag of crisps and a good laugh,

    But don't mock me, as i can't be the only one who has lost more money on bad glass only to find out later ( far to late ) that if i had saved the money in the first place, took good advice from mates who have been shooting longer than me, i may have learned all this a bit sooner, and be a bit better off to boot.

    so in order of best to last, 1 best the rest are just that.

    ( please note i have only listed scopes i have had, used, or still have.

    1, swarovski 8x56 habicht, its on my .243.

    2,ZEISS 6.5X20X50.

    3 s&b 8x56 had one sold it and now got another on my 17.and its staying this time.

    4,meopta 3-12x50 best budget glass i have had.

    5, mtc mamba, 3-12x44ir just top stuff for not a lot of money.

    6, Simmons WTC 3.5-10x50 just very good for a budget scope.

    7, nikko gold crown 4-12x40 older glass with some class.

    8, weaver grand slam, sadly never had one but the one i used was not nice IMO.

    9, any Bushnell scope as they are so over rated and over priced they just make me want to barf.

    10, a bog roll tube with a couple of the wife's head hairs as the reticule, this would have been before the Bushnell but it got soggy in the rain.

    well i hope you all had a good laugh, but this is just my way of saying a good hello, and it serves as a guide for you to see what I'm like,

    or is it just to keep you all guessing.


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    What do you think about the zeiss scope you have.

    I have fancied it for a while but when i spoke to someone at zeiss at a gamefair, they explained that it did not have the same lens coatings as the victory scopes over here and as a result was not in the same league in bad light.

    I take his point but at the same time remember that he is a salesman and the conquest is not in his range!!

    whats your experiance?



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    Miles, I have a Zeiss Diavari 6-24x56, and ran a Zeiss Conquest 6-24x50 alongside it for some months. There is a noticeable difference in lens quality between the top-end German model and the America version assembled with Meopta glass. Don't get me wrong: the Conquest is a superb scope (much lighter to carry), but the Diavari cannot be beaten.

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