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Thread: Top Marks To Swarovski

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    Top Marks To Swarovski

    I drop my 8.5 x42 EL binos after a stalking trip the hit the floor quite flat so i thought they where ok
    i gave them a better look over when i was cleaning them to put away and found that i had damage to the left eye peice .so on bank holiday monday i sent an mail to Swarovski and today new eye peice,s arrived foc all from the serial number and i gave them they look up when the where made
    i have got 18years left of the warrenty .and i bought them 2 nd hand so top marks to them great service


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    Just had my 7x42SLs back from a factory service. A few years on now but (still under the 30yr warranty) nowt wrong with them and never been over-used/abused, just needed a clean around the outside, maybe lubrication to the focusing wheel.

    Okay took a little longer than I understood but looking at them, in as new condition, the Swarovski warranty is the gold standard. Was toying with going down to one pair of binos but will need some persuading now.

    Might not use the Zeiss Victory's for a few 'walkabouts' as I reacquaint myself with them and the journeys we have taken.............


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    Lost 1 of the turret caps for my Swarovski 8x56 scope while stalking the other day. Sent customer service an email and received 2 turret caps by return posts. As Loki says Swarovski warranty is the gold standard.


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    Note to self: the next time someone observes that "the view through the Swaros was better but not £xxx better" or "why spend £xxxx on a scope" refer them to this thread.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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