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Thread: Carcass damage by dog

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    Carcass damage by dog

    I shot a buck and lost it last week, my old bitch found it after half an hour, and pulled it down, doing quite a bit of damage to a haunch.

    Is this meat to be discarded, or still ok to go into burgers and sausages ?

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    It shouldnt go into the food chain. if the burgers are for your own freezer .... its your call. I always ask myself " would i eat it?"


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    Would i eat it?

    Always the question to ask..


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    i would just try and cut around the damaged meat i dont think it would do you any harm even if you didnt

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    As said, I wouldn't put it away to the dealer, what you eat yourself is up to you.
    "It all looks the same once it's minced", a quote from a very big and successfull gamedealer in Scotland when speaking about haunched deer.
    He is no longer in business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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