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Thread: Jack Pike Boots

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    Jack Pike Boots

    I need a new pair of stalking boots and they must be up to Scottish hills and weather. I have a strict budget. I saw these Jack Pike 900D Cordura Tundra boots and wondered has anyone got any and are they any good. They are deffinatly in my price range.
    Thanks in advance, Tusker.

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    They are great my friend has a pair. they are hardy bits of kit. very light aswell. cheers Hootsman

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    i have a pair of these as well and they are really comfortable and keep your feet dry even when walking through really wet crops/ grass
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    I don't have the tundra boots but have the Jack Pyke hunter ones and they are a quality pair of boots for the money, been through all sorts and feet bone dry...

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    my mistake its the hunters i have just looked up my receipts i got them on a ebay shop
    Howa .223 varmint. Ruger 10-22. rizzini 20 bore o/u couple of 12 bores

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