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    I wounder how scotcountry feels when these blaintant adverts are placed up and they pay good money to the site for advertising.

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    you can have it taken down if you wish.

    I have nothing to do with Bushwear, just thought it might be of interest to someone.

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    Hey its was only a thought its up to admin to have a word and see if Bushware want to advertise they do every were else.

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    I would love to know how much bush wear spend on advertising ? I must have six catalogs that have been delivered with various publications over the year ! I wonder if they cut back a bit on the advertising and dropped there prices with the savings would they get more punters through the door ! Just a thought

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    Or the more they advertise, the more stock they sell, so a greater turnover allowing better buying In costs passed on to the end user...(Should they wish to)....I have heard a few good reports about bushwear service just recently...I like to see a company that tries

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    I bought a pair of boots from them,
    Sent them back because they did not fit.
    I then went to order aSwazi top and was told I was black listed !!
    Due to returning the boots (unworn)
    They then proceeded to boast how they were the only place to get Swazi fleeces from and I was told Tough luck by the guy on the phone.
    Clever sh--s !
    So I rang Tamarack and spent 300 with them !

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