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    Hedgehog Info

    About 3 months ago we saw an adult hedgehog daily in the garden. It became quite bold with us around, even standing at looking at the car as we came down the driveway. My wife realised it had nested in the shrubs directly underneath one of our boys bedroom windows. Both my lads enjoy watching it from the house in the evenings doing its rounds well before dark. It has been lucky so far because my GWP is a demon at finding and retrieving them.

    Anyway, last night Harry (now renamed Henrietta) has been joined by 3 young hedgehogs. The kids think this is great, and regardless of whether they are bad for ground-nesting birds or not it is this balanced approach to shooting/conservation/wildlife that I have tried to instal in them since they started stalking with me at the ages of 5 & 6. I don't rear birds in the garden so they can get on with it...

    Anyone on here know much about them with regards to territory etc? Will they always remain in this area or dissappear as they get older? I'm getting asked questions I cannot answer on this one.

    I see far less around here now which I think must be linked to the higher numbers of badgers in the area. Even the GWP only manages to retrieve a dozen or so a year whereas before she could find one weekly.

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    Cheers Davie

    Most of the stuff I could find was about rescuing them and feeding them pet food! I don't intend to do any of that. As I said, balanced approach to nature...

    I reckon I will probably end up running the poor wee buggers over anyway...

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    I was saying only a couple of weeks ago that we are seeing fewer hedgehogs than we used to, and then spent yesterday morning at the vets because one of the dogs was "playing" with one in the garden.

    Joke from a 5 year old. Hedgehogs are greedy, why cant they just share the hedge :-)

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    They do my head in , most nights we have to move one from in front of the dog kennels,they just stare at the terrier as if sayin come out here and see what happens, but it's nice to see them around, it lives under my shed.

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    We just built a 'hedghoggery' in our garden - my Good Lady wanted a stone bench constructed and I suggested that we made it hollow. At this, she told me I was being ridiculous - then I said 'Ah, but if we do it carefully, the hedgehogs will have somewhere to hibernate'. Idea sold!

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    Unfortunately in my area which has a has motor input , the higher badger numbers and lack of natural compost heaps , mixed in with the high infestation of fly strike
    hedgehogs are in dire straights
    food is plentifully but so is the wet
    a bad year all round

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    We have 4 Hedgehogs that come in to our garden most nights. They dont half make a noise!! as well, but they have helped clean up the garden slugs


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