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    Hi all...i know that caliber is a hot heated topic that differs with each persons own experience, needs and applications for where and what they shoot......but how many people care or have a favourite choice of action?

    Is a short action the most favoured here by stalkers or are we finding that as we do bigger calibers with bigger cases with the powders and bullets we can utilise the magnums and L/A etc. to fuller effect?

    As a bit of fun, without going into to much details, submit whether its predominantly a S/A or L/A you use, and if you could have a choice, what yours would be if you could do a 'christmas pressie' build - S/A OR L/A and dream manufacturer of action.

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    mauser FN 98 large ring magnum action with safety wing. For a custom safari rifle build.

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    If Santa Claus wanted to be very, very nice to me....
    1) Mini: I wish the Borden Rimrock BR or the BAT model S or B were available as repeaters... or possibly even a Sako 75 Model II with a .473 bolt face
    2) Short: Borden Rimrock SSR or BAT VR
    3) Standard: I wouldn't have a standard repeater, but rather a Hagn small or medium falling block for this cartridge length.
    4) Stretched/Magnum action: CorBon Model 1
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    I dont claim to know much about actions but my new custom build is built on a Bat action
    regards pete

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    This is what I'm going to have when I have the money I've seen one in the flesh in stainless with fluted border barrel damn near perfect rifle I think plus I could have a lefty action as well awesome....

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    So where do break action single shot 'Kipplaufs' sit in the scheme of things?

    A rifle of that type from any of the Ferlach or Suhl gunsmiths would, (and does), suit my needs.

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