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Thread: Wldfowl season

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    Wldfowl season

    Are any of you guys out tomorrow after a quacker or a honker?....If so don't forget they've had a poor breeding season (round here anyway) and those young flappers will be as green as grass, give them a chance and in a couple of months they will be good sporting birds you will remember shooting not easy bag fillers you don't!!.....good hunting!!.

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    I'm going to leave them alone until October I think. It only really kicks off when the migratory wildfowl arrive anyway.

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    Just had a call from my mate to remind me to be at his for 5.30am for the first ducks of the season. Bring it on!
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    I always loved the 1st!!!! Never shot though just watched I prefered my geese a bit more wiser and alot less like powder puffs.


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    seen my first skien of pinks yesterday! they are about a week earlyer then last year just a small bunch of a dozen.
    dont like shooting ducks untill oct as a few frost help push full winter plumage through so as when dressing the ducks they pluck easier and dont look like hedgehogs with all the pen feathers+ they have a nice little bit of fat on them and makes them that little bit tastier.
    got over 150 feeding on one pond been feeding it for a month get them really keen on it then have a decent night when the weather and moon is right!

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    Im just waiting on my shotgun license coming through, hopefully won't be too much longer as its been away just over a month. Are there any people on here near Edinburgh who wouldn't mind showing a newbie the ropes of fowling? I've got experience with other shooting just not this.

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    Me and the dogs all go down the foreshore on the first always have done since I was a kid with my dad just brings memories flooding back, rarely shoot anything just love being out its usually to bloody hot to walk to my favourite spot anyway but just love getting out these were taken on the first last year

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    great photos
    used to love the first day of duck shooting that was when I was in a syndicate and had a long stretch of the chelmer to walk them up and if we were lucky the geese would come through.
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    never been after duck or goose would love too. Seen loads of canadas flying about in the last week probably 300 in total

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    I have seen more duck this year than for decades. In the Borders 50+ on a pond in a middle of what should have been a barley field. Double figures on my flight pond (still as yet unfed) as its a marsh getting close to it will need waders. Saw lots flighting over the last week. Even saw a couple on a tiny puddle in the middle of a combined wheat field on Sunday.


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