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Thread: Variation form arrived , guidance please

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    Variation form arrived , guidance please

    Ive a 22 bolt action. I'd like a semi. I'd like to keep both , reply by pm please

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    why dont you satate that you want bolt action dedicated for NV and semi for daytime hunting? two good reasons.

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    My cert didn't specify bolt action or semi for authority to aquire... only after I bought one did it list .22rf bolt action in the rifles in possession section.

    Just apply for a second .22rf and buy a semi
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    So I don't need to specifiy it's a semi ? Just ask for a 22 for dedicated nv ?

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    Not in Scotland I know, but I just asked for another .22 never said auto/ bolt, you will need a reason obviously, be honest and don,t try to be clever. A good reason may be nv, open sights, building the ultimate rabbit basher so would like a gun to shoot while the other is being adjusted to suit you and your needs.

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    it should just go down as caliber .22. I've got 2 .308's reason spare!!!

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    I've asked for it to be for a dedecated night vision rifle

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    I have four .22's. Two for the range/club, one for vermin and one i asked for lamping out of truck. There is no stipulation on my licence to say which ones are for vermin and what ones are for range/club.

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    When a new authority to acquire is granted (new slot) the type of action is not specified. The new authority would state ' 1 .22RF rifle'. The action type will be entered on the computer system, when you notify that you have acquired the firearm. The action type will then show on any further certificate generated on that record.
    So simply ask for 'one .22RF rifle and don't forget to ask for a moderator if you want an additional one.
    Numerous certificate holders possess several .22RF rifles for specific purposes. Your feo will ask why you require another of the same calibre. All you need to do is tell him what your 'good' reason is. There should be no problem

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    thanks for your help guys

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