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Thread: My first switchs

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    My first switchs

    Hi everybody,
    I’m so happy, I’ve shot my first Swichts.
    Last weekend Mark from Bunwell, had been called for some damage in some maize. The next morning we’ve started at 5am.
    I saw 14 Hines and calves that morning. Next morning same thing lost of reds hines, fox and muntjac but still no stag. Mark decided to go again on the same evening,This time my older son came with me.
    After 1 hour a hine started to come out of the wood and after 10 minutes a total of 9 reds hines and calves was on front of me eating the maize, and then a switch came out of the wood and went in the maize with the hines, and a second one few second after. I could feel my heart thumping. I couldn’t shoot because the hines on front and behind them. We’ve waited 6 very long minutes them the first switch appear on his own on the side, I took a shot and he went to the edge of the wood and drop. The other switch was standing at that time in the middle ofthe field I shot and it run to the wood.
    My boys immediately said “we go and see them”,I showed him my hand (I was shaking like mad !). We waited 10mn for Mark to arrive then we went to find them.
    The first one dropped on the edge of the wood and the other one 20 yards inside the wood.
    I can’t tell you how happy I am to have shot my first switch, and on top of that I didn’t shot 1 but 2 !
    Thank you so much to Mark, I will never forget that day!
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    Congratulations well done buddy

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    Well done French David, Is my beating fee in the post

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