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Thread: Shortening 7mm-08

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    Shortening 7mm-08

    I have seen a 7mm-08 that I might like to buy. However, I like a very short rifle plus moderator.

    I am wondering how much of a negative effect shortening it down to 19- or 20 inch would have on the ballistics.

    I am concerned that I want to keep my rifle deer legal in Scotland.



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    ian just been out to the gun cabinet and got out the 7mm 08
    this rifle is just back from the gunsmiths new sako barrel and mod
    just measured the barell 20 inches
    the mod 7 inches long jet z compact
    overall length of barrel and mod 26 inches
    i didnt ask for these dimensions i just let the gunsmith a good
    friend also get on with it
    before id sent it away i had a gun that didnt shoot and id lost
    confidence with told him to sort it and he has
    what this guy doesnt know about rifles isnt worth knowing
    so the answer to your question is he wouldent have done that
    to my rifle if it would mess up the performance
    so if you have found one you like go for it mate
    keep us posted on how you get on

    all the best pete .

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    Most your going to lose is 120 fps. You make the decision on your Load.

    Only the barrel length affects FPS ( and therefore legality), the moderator affects ballistics (through dampening the mechanics).


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    if it isnt broke dont fix it whom ever made you rifle would have put a lot of time and effort into making the barrel at its optimum length for accuracy and power so why potentioaly undo all there good work? if it shoots straight i pesonaly would just leave it alone but in fairness its not my rifle

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    Most standard rifles were made without the thought of using moderators in mind, so when a moderator is used it makes sense to shorten the barrell to make the set-up more manageable.

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    i thought the origanal question was what may the effects be
    if the barrel is shortened to accomodate a mod etc
    thats why i gave the advice to ian as i did

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