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Thread: Zeiss Victory HT ASV+ or Rapid-Z5 Reticle

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    Zeiss Victory HT ASV+ or Rapid-Z5 Reticle

    Questions for the Zeiss Pro Stalkers I am thinking of purchasing a 3-12x56 Victory HT Scope but cant make up my mind if I should go for:

    1. Just the Rapid-Z5 Reticle
    2. Reticle 60 with ASV+
    3. or Rapid-Z5 Reticle with ASV+

    Whilst I appreciate that both the ASV+ and Rapid-Z5 Reticle offers two different forms of bullet drop compensators, which one of the above would you recommend?

    Also does the ASV+ come with a Left / Right adjuster for the vertical line part of the reticle?

    If it will sway your answer in anyway, I am just about to take ownership of a Blaser R8 with interchangeable different calibre barrels.

    Regards RoeHunter

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    What type of shooting are you doing ?

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    Deer in Woodland, Open Land, and Deer Parks. I also practice on Ranges.

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    I was thinking about the same scope.
    Don't think the Asv turret would be of benefit for stalking at normal ranges (60-150. yards)
    Just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant.N View Post
    I was thinking about the same scope.
    Don't think the Asv turret would be of benefit for stalking at normal ranges (60-150. yards)
    Just a thought.
    I agree with this last comment. In fact I would go as far as saying any form of bullet drop compensator adjustment is not needed out to 200yds.

    I have spoken to a couple of guys I know in the trade, one is a well respected custom rifle builder who is very fussy about what goes on his rifles, the other probably sells as many Zeiss and Swarovski as any other trader in the country, and they both reckon the new HT scopes are outstanding.
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    Discount your 3rd option.

    There is no point in having an ASV on a 'scope with a Rapid Z5 reticle.

    The ASV is basically doing the same job as the reticle is designed to do.

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    Firstly thank you for all of your replies above.

    Whilst I do agree with the thought that stalking deer at ranges out to 150 metres, there is no real need for any forms of bullet drop compensators be it Reticle or Adjustable Ballistic Turrets, but beyond that, depending which calibre is being used, there could well be a need.

    As the Zeiss Victory HT Scope is available with a choice of Reticles for the same cost, in my mind it is crucial to purchase the correct one, as it is not everyday I go out to purchase an item such as this, so I would like to ensure that my choice was the correct one.

    My question also attracted a Private Message from Jon (Bdswest) who is the UK Representative for Zeiss, and earlier today, I was lucky to be able to speak with him about the two different systems and how they individually work.

    Not wishing to bore you with how I came to my decision, I have now decided to go for Reticle 60 with the option to retro fit the ASV+ Turrets in the future.

    I wish to thank Jon (Bdswest) for his unbiased advice. RoeHunter

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    Sounds like a good choice.

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