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Thread: First day on the partridges tomorrow

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    First day on the partridges tomorrow

    First day on partridges tomorrow,Estimated bag of 100 to 150,Forecast is looking good,Not too many standing crops left,My Ess is ready,Though a little bit unfit,Ive just got breeks out of the wardrobe along with shirt,jumper etc and she is very excited(She knows where we are going).Happy days.Stalking takes a step backwards for a while now.
    Atb John.

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    Have fun - you lucky bugger!

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    I cant see us getting at them 'till October we still have so much standing crop about.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    have a fantastic time wish i had some to go at

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    Let us know how you get on, fingers crossed you'll get the weather.
    I've got a 100 bird day end of sept, can't wait, love the partridges!

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    97 partridge & 2 pigeon,Plenty of birds over the guns,quite a few too low though,Weather was perfect.1 totaly knackered spaniel.
    Atb John

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    Did she manage ok after the pups? Were you picking up or beating ?

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