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Thread: wanted sako mounts 75 or A11

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    wanted sako mounts 75 or A11

    i am looking for mounts for sako 75 or A11 actions to mount a weaver rail to put night vision scope on to rifle . where can i get one from or it may be two mounts i dont know advice needed please many thanks in anticipation MUDDY

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    Ive looked into putting rails on sako 75s recently and it seems like no easy job although possible. It involved drilling and tapping the action in order to fit a weaver/picatinny type rail. This job apparently is pretty trick and can go wrong. Im happy for someone to put me right on this..

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    Have a look at my custom nv mount if you want its retro fitted off standard bases.


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    I've got the roedale rail on my 75 (It is exactly the same as the recknagel one). It's very well made and I believe not too expensive (I got mine second hand) . Do a search on here and you'll find out more .
    If you do get one just a heads up that the front fixing bolt etc is slightly too high to allow the cross bar on your mounts to drop right into the slot so don't fit your front ring/mount over it or file it down like I have. (this will make sense when you see one). The mind boggles how these things can be designed by so called engineers/gunsmiths with such a basic design flaw.

    Sorry I haven't sold it very well , apart from this potentially non problem it is very good.
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