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Thread: SGC shotgun to FAC

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    SGC shotgun to FAC

    I have a slot for a shotgun on my FAC, i have been offered a very nice Berreta semi auto.
    Can this shotgun be signed off a SGC onto my FAC even though its not a Section 1 firearm.
    I dont have a SGC and was just thinking that this would save a lot of time and hassle.


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    MAY have to be done by an RFD - it's a common thing to do...

    Easiest way would be to have the seller lodge the Beretta with the RFD of your choice - then get them to convert it back to S1 status (assuming that you/he can source the correct unrestricted magazine tube)

    As you don't have a SGC then the Beretta as it stands is a S.2 gun so could not go on your FAC (unless your FLO tells you different, that is...)

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    Ian, you have PM with a possible solution.

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