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Thread: Stalking Wanted - North Yorkshire

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    Stalking Wanted - North Yorkshire

    Dear Sir or Madam

    Unaccompanied stalking sought - circa 9 beasts per year - North Yorkshire - Any reasonable fee considered - Experienced and locally known mature stalker - Ripon Area (30 mile radius) - Particularly interested in long term involvement/management of woodland.

    I am able to take on small scale rabbit and fox control but not on large woodlands.

    BDS member and insurance.


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    I heard thye were looking for volanteers at studly royal not sure if you would get to do much culling though.


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    Dave - many thanks - you wouldnt happen to have a contact name or was it just through the national trust? I know the herds a little at Fountains and would be interested even if it is just helping out.

    Kind regards


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    It was the wife who mentioned it, I think she had been on some Volanteer work web site base in harrogate. it would be worth a google.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Awestgar
    Many thanks Dave I will have a search.

    Dave - just to let you know I have secured some lovely woodland stalking about an hours drive away - what more could I ask - thanks anyway for your response - much appreciated.

    Kind regards


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    Good News and good luck. It is it all roe on your new ground? I am about 40 miles North of you and we have ad a confirmed sighting of Muntjac. I have not seen this with my own eyes yet so........


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