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Thread: Are Ballistic Turrets Really Necessary?

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    Are Ballistic Turrets Really Necessary?

    As per title but in stalking applications only. Obviously adjustment is needed at extended distances on a range.

    The reason I ask is that I know a few stalkers that do nothing but use their rifles for deer, no target shooting. Of those deer they shoot like most folk they will be on average around the 100-150yds mark. That requires no adjustment whatsoever with a zero in any calibre of about an inch high at 100yds. Even out to 200-250yds with say a 2" high impact at 100yds nothing really needs done to the elevation.

    I am curious as so many folk have them now. I also assume that folk that do have them always carry their rangefinder or range finding binos as well so the ballistic turret can be used accurately?

    One guaranteed topic on here to cause the poster to get lambasted is long range shooting of deer. Okay to shoot a fox at over 300yds but don't dare do it to bambi. Well, if so many decry long range shooting of deer which to me is anything over 250yds because I don't care what anyone says that is a long way to shoot a deer or a fox at, then why do so many have a piece of equipment that is only needed for shooting deer beyond that very distance? Personally, if I had to fart about ranging distances and then adjusting turrets I would miss so many opportunities when trying to shoot Sika.

    It adds 300 on to the cost new of a scope so why have it if it is only needed for distances we should not be shooting deer at according to the general stalking community?

    And just to highlight, I am not against shooting deer at 300-350yds, with the right equipment. It can in fact be done easily by some. But some folk tend to blow off about their distance shooting prowess without actually having a clue about judging distances.

    So I stand by my thoughts, and that is that for 99.9% of stalking applications 99.9% of us do not need a ballistic turret yet are happy to spend 300 on having one anyway.

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    The long range target shooting disciplines are increasing popular and more and more scopes with additional feature are available. I have used a 12-42x56 on the range and shot my best group ever at 42x, so if I had the cash I could easily own one.

    But, for most stalking, it would be additional ballast and as it would be left at 8 or 10x and optically they are good, but not the best, in my opinion

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    for stalking NO your right in what you say in all aspects to much f****g around when you dont have the need to or time fallow wont stand there while you twiddle the turret, i know where my rifles shoot to 200 yards without giving it any further thought, foxing or target shooting ok thats diffrent and shore it would benifit longer shots but in the nut shell for stalking no been there done that sold it !! i have 2 non bt scopes now

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    Agree entirely. I have a Z6i with BT's. Had it on the 260 for a while. Totally pointless. Moved it on the 22/250 where it is also pointless accept for shooting steel gongs in daylight.

    Now I have a TDS reticule on the 260 which is perfect, the extra holdover marks work very well out to 400, which is as far as I have experimented.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    what makes me smile is scopes with ballistic reticules, christmas trees, mildots etc.....AND target turrets!?

    surely one negates the other!?

    I have a "varmint reticule" which was good, especially when I had it on the HMR. but 9 times out of 10 holding on a point on the target is faster, easier and less likely to result in maths meltdown or target walking off while you check your iPad ballistic software

    i just took the 4-12x variable scope off my .270 and went back to a 6x42! just point and shoot

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    Are they required for stalking, over normal stalking ranges, answer no - as per your assertion. Afterall, there is a difference between stalking deer and shooting deer ... and we don't call it deer shooting. That said I do use ballistic turrets on my 2.5-10 x 56 PMI, because I was trained to shoot with ballistic turrets. So I zero, judge distance and use the turrets instinctively, but only because that is what I instinctively feel comfortable doing. Personally, I don't notice any 'time delay' as I don't rush a shot and adjust the sight as I come into the aim. Just like calibres ... horses for courses!

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    what ranges are you shooting deer at that require compensation?

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    ... horses for courses ... 20" barrel firing 11g 170gr .308 Win out to 230m ... which equates to no more than 6 clicks on the S&B. Which probably proves you don't really need it, but as I stated ... I can't help myself ... it's in my nature!

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    No, of course they are not 'necessary' in the course of most UK based deer stalking activity ......... but I've got one on my Z6i. You may as well ask why buy a car that can go faster than 70 mph.

    Why do I have a BT on my Z6i? It was a bit cheaper than buying the Porche.

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    not as fun though.
    when was the last time you saw someone doing 70 on a motorway!?

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