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Thread: Montana Rifle Company Stalking Rifle

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    Montana Rifle Company Stalking Rifle

    Thinking of buying a Montana Rifle Company stalking rifle, but reviews on Google seem a bit 'marmite'!.
    Does anyone on here have any views or experience of this marque?.

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    They are made a couple of hundred miles up the road from me. They are OK. A Model 70 Winchester clone for the large part, usually tucked into some fine exhibition grade walnut. I shot one in .338 and it was...nice. Pretty gun. Shot well. If you're the kind of guy that likes to drive to the store for a pound of butter in a Porsche it's your gun. If you can be just as happy doing it in a Ford, then it probably isn't. JMHO ~Muir

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    I had one a few years back. It was collecting dust on a 2nd hand rack in an Essex dealers and wasn't shifting as most of the rifles being bought were either small calibres or target orientated. Being in 270, not a 'fashionable' calibre didn't help it either but the fine wooden stock instantly caught my eye. It certainly felt finer than the average remington, savage, ruger etc but the stock eventually drove me nuts. I was forever stopping to check for marks and it didn't shoot any better than any of my other guns so it was soon relegated to the back of the gun safe. It has to go.

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    Hi Muir
    Thanks for the input. I drive to my gamebird pens in an old Discovery! - but I do like nice kit for my stalking when the seasons over. Just been worried by the action blow up at Bisley, though. I know it only affected the ss actions - but it seems to have blighted them over here. The one I'm looking at was shipped over in 2006 as a barrelled action. Is there any known problems (dangerous) with the stainless actions over there?.

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    Yeah. There was a stainless that gave out. (Peeled the extractor back and blew the ring) but I haven't heard of a rash of those events. I just remember one in particular.

    Might be worth avoiding the worry. Or email the company and grill them on it.~Muir

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