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Thread: A tick free deer?

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    A tick free deer?

    I shot a small yearling buck on Thursday evening in Hampshire. Did the necessary in the field, bound it's legs, slung it over my shoulder and took it home.

    Usually after this my clothes are put to wash and I spend a bit of time inspecting myself for ticks.

    To my surprise I found none on me. Normally a few ticks or lice are to be found but there was nothing.

    Yesterday I skinned and butchered it. I inspected all the tick hotspots on the carcass - nothing!

    After skinning there were still no ticks on me, has anyone else come across an apparent tick free deer?
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    I get alot of my roe deer with no ticks at all. it depends on your ground I think. I get the odd one that has a few but theres never loads of them. cheers Hootsman

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    Likewise, I get some totally clean muntjac and roe, rarely see totally clean fallow and I don't think I've ever shot a clean red, but it varies from beast to beast and time of year.

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    Thanks for your replies Gents.

    I've never come across it before. I've been shooting deer on this piece of ground for many years and never had a clean one such as this. Every other one has been crawling to varying degrees.
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    Where I shoot Fallow in Herefordshire it is very rare to find a tick! 99.999% clean

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    Yep, on a regular basis. Then again occasionaly I find one from the same area that is infested, indeed I have had one in the chill for 5 days and skinned it to find myself covered in Keds.

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    I tend to agree with hootsman, on a couple of bits of ground where I shoot, a deer with any significant (let's say immediately apparent/obvious) tick burden is rare and perfectly clean deer seem quite common
    On other grounds individual deer can be thick with ticks
    Must be something to do with health and condition too
    The old murder buck that I shot on Malc's place earlier this year had quite a few ticks in the usual nooks and crannies but most deer on his patch are quite clean
    Some spots in Dorset seem to be crawling with ticks, and I've carried home a passenger or two even when I haven't seen a deer all day, never mind after skinning one

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    Most of my deer hav a few ticks only shot 1 which was on hootsmans ground that was clean.i shot a red stag up in sutherland that was covered in ticks and crawling with keds it gave me the

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    That bit of the hill never has any ticks on the deer. The next hill we went to you will get one or two on the deer. Its not a problem for me realy. They do make me shivver I hate the bloody things.I just had a thought Kev maybe the .308 blows them off lol cheers Hootsman

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    Never seen a tick on a north wales Fallow however Roe in the lakes are more tick than venison????

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