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Thread: FC Bidding Tips

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    FC Bidding Tips

    Has anyone got any tips for bidding for FC permissions
    ie do you need to go a lot higher than the asking price or will it be decided on the points you can acrue etc

    All info welcomed

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    There seems to be a lot of varying opinions on this one, and a lot of people will say its all about who you know and how much you are prepared to pay. This is not true. They are looking for people who can do the job they are signing up to do, and do it safely, you would be amazed how many level 2 candidates fail to impress on the firing range days at basic safety and simple shooting.
    Its like applying for a job, a good application is key, and then the ability to back this up with evidence through the application process is what they are looking for.
    Not sure if things are different in Scotland, but that is the way round these parts.

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    Just like in applying for a job, it won't hurt if you can get someone well known to the FC to vouch for your work.

    The FC have set cull targets that the lessee is obliged to meet and the the FC team assessing your application will be looking at the applicant's ability to meet the cull target. You have to be realistic in what you are applying for considering the size of the cull and the size of the forest. You have to consider how many rifles can safely work in wood on the same day. Once you know this you can estimate how many rifle days you can expect over the year and determine individual day targets.

    Some leases are simply more suited to full time contract stalkers than a weekend syndicate.

    The FC used to have rules of thumb on no of hrs 'spent' for each deer shot - I think it was 5 hrs per red, 8 hrs per roe and many more for Sika. I am sure someone on here can confirm the hr's. The point is these figures are based on FC professional rangers expert in woodland stalking, you need to consider your own success rate.

    The FC team assessing your application will be made up of guys with commercial and deer mgt experience and are used to leases. They can sniff out BS a mile off.

    I you are not sucessful, ask for feed back on where you fell short - it may be to do with your paper work or your experience or simply someone more suitable applied.


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