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Thread: Calibre to complement .308

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    Calibre to complement .308

    Am wanting to add a calibre to my Blaser.
    I have .308 and am looking for a calibre to complement it.
    Any suggestions ?

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    What sort of shooting do you do? species? if its just uk deer then I would just stick to the one calibre. i use 243 and 308. there is a bit of cross over but generally i will use 243 70 grains for fox 308 150s for deer. having said that i shot 2 roe bucks the other evening with the 243.

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    ... another .308 and that's about it!

    or a 9.3 or .375 for pigs

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    i think you might need more detail to get the Firearms office onside other than you fancy a complimentary calibre

    I fancy a .416 Rigby but wont get away with it!

    some consensus will tell you to get a long action cartridge to go with your short one, other options might be something fruity and fast in .20

    do you want to shoot rabbits and fox or boar and buffalo?

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