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Thread: Theoben Mk 1 .22 FAC

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    Theoben Mk 1 .22 FAC

    I have a Theoben MK 1 FAC for sale. It came from Karl Slater in Guns International Barnsley. It is in excellent working order andhas never been abused. It runs between 12ft/lb and 22 ft/lb. There is a BSA Catsye Scope with it and two seven shot magazines, there is also a front mount for the bipod. There is a Faber 12lt 300 bar bottle that I am prepared to throw in. Its out of date but just needs restampted. All in all an accurate, reliable rifle. I just don't really have a need for it and could use the cabinet space. FAC HOLDERS ONLY WITH A SLOT FOR A FAC AIR RIFLE. 345 NOTHING LEST AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN.
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    Thats a very cheap rifle. Someone is going to get a bargain here.

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    Your right it is cheap. I need the space in the cupboard. Customer can try it out before buying..

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    Deposit paid, so sold subject to the pending..

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