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Thread: what caliber for boar

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    what caliber for boar

    Hi Guys.
    Looking to pick your brains on a new caliber. Currently shooting 22LR, 22-250 rem, 6.5x55. I am thinking along the lines of a rifle with short pointable barrel with detatchable mag to use as a rifle for larger animals such as boar, bear, moose with low mag scope or open sights. However so the rifle gets a bit more use thinking this could double up as woodland stalker. Would like to have the option to use in almost any country. Main question is what caliber would fit this requirement. My 6.5x55 is a sauer so could just go with a barrel/bolt but think a complete set up would suit better as TBH don't think I would bother changing scope and barrel to often. Your thoughts would be welcomed.

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    What would you like and what can you handle?

    a 30 cal is all you would ever need starting 308 and going up to the magnums and the obvious advantages are that reloading is at the right price and you will get conditioned for deer without much trouble. But why not consider a 9.3 or a 375 h&h if it's bigger stuff, now you don't need to go bigger than the 6.5 because that's the legal standard most places and many hunters like the cartridge because you can shoot, reload and shoot again quicker with a 6.5 that the likes of a win mag or bigger with the extra recoli to manage.

    The best way to look at it is to think about what you would want and in what sort of calibre that fits you best. Not everyone can shoot 9.3 or 375 and 7mm 08 is becoming very popular. Maybe decide on the rifle and come back to the calibre or set a budget and hunt through guntrader to see the kind of stuff on offer and price. There lots to consider!

    You could always chop down a remmy 700 and stick an AICS floorplate system in it that takes 10 round AI mags for 308 or cartridges of a similar size. The cool thing about that is the project doesn't have to cost much money to do starting with a used remmy.

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    Everyone has their own opinion but I have shot Boar (Hungary) and Moose (Canadian Arctic) and both times with my .308. Each time I asked the professional guides what caliber they recommended and each times they said .308, without seeing what I had in my case. I was also after Black Bear in Canada but did not get a shot and .308 was used by my PG for them too.

    Only bad news is that some European countries (France for sure) do not allow .308 as it is a Nato caliber.

    I think it's more important to find a rifle you can bond with, that you can afford, yes I know that sounds mad but I have had great rifles that I hated from almost the day I bought them to the day I sold them and others that I kiss goodnight (just joking).


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    Some places will not let you shoot boar with a 6.5. The 6.5 might be ok for shooting off a highseat where the boar can't get you....
    but on the ground driven shooting there are better calibers. Shotplacement is out the window when the piggy comes flying past.
    I'd say 308 is minimum with 165/180gr.

    The idea with an AICS mag is quite good as the single feed makes the short action cartridges feed very reliable.
    Generally the long action 7x64/30-06/9.3x62 etc. will feed slicker with less jams than short action double stack mags.

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    Aren't there restrictions on magazine capacity in some countries?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    What reliable source is there to find out EXACTLY which countries don't allow 308 as per iloveshooting's alert re France? Cheers, K

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    Now that is a mine field and I wish I knew!

    There is a good string on this site which covers some of these issues but my advice is to look very carefully at where you are likely to want to take a rifle in Europe before deciding on the caliber you wish to purchase and if in doubt avoid any caliber associated with the military.

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    I'm pretty sure that the blanket prohibition on military calibres is just specific to France, as it stems from the legal classification of such rifles (and bayonets, swords, etc) as "matériel de guerre".

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    Just to put a spin on things. I have a Remmy 700 in .375 h&h that I fitted a long action AICS floor plate to that now take takes .338 Lapua Magnum AI mags.

    The best bit is that the AICS mag fits six .375 h&h rounds and with one in the chamber + 6 That's a load of firepower to take down trees. You've seen predator.... that was me in bulgaria a season ago.

    On a serious note, the .375 h&h with a muzzle break handles like a 30-06 and it's lovely to shoot. I have a .308 and it's my baby but for europe I want something bigger.

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    Does that thing swing ok? It seems from your description to be a heavy beast!

    I have a vacancy on my ticket for a .308 double rifle for Boar and it was only when I walked into York Guns "looking" that I found out about the NATO calibre restrictions. Going to go ahead and buy (not sure what) a .308 as I have no intention of hunting in France as its too expensive there.

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