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Thread: dam walkers

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    dam walkers

    ive been after a munjack buck to put on my wall now for months as the ground i have to shoot on does not hold many of them. and last night i was asked by a keeper friend of mine to sit and wait for a fox he has been seeing after about half an hour of waitng a young couple of .... well we will call them walkers came down through the wood, well off the foot path and they walked right up to me so whilst giving them some advice on the footpaths the young lad looks up and ask what is that mate, as i looked up my heart sank as a lovly muntjack buck strolled without a care across the valley and into the wood opposite. what was i to do this woman had a face of fear on her as she thought i was going to kill the buck i just had to let it walk off into sunset. think i might have to have another look soon to see if he will cross again but i'm not to sure if muntjack follow a set path that much????

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    Muntjac are territorial, he will be around some where. Find a safe spot with a good back drop and try calling him, might work. I have shot lots of munties like this.

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    I feel for you man, once again today I threw some more carefree morons off my land 'only walking the dog' along my field margins, the ones I am paid to keep for nesting birds etc. not some 'kin moron to use as a footpath. I am so tempted to put up some signs saying all people straying from the footpath risk being shot! I just don't know where I may stand legally. The buck will be back.

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    Here's a sign I photographed in Norway last week


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    This sign . . .

    can be suprisingly effective in regulating footfall.

    Muntjac remain unaffected . . . for a while, at least!

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    thamks for the advice on the muntjack chaps and its nice to know that im not the only one who gets pestered by walkers

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    Signs about Vipers work wonders.....


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