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Thread: Wanted: Large Drinks Chiller as Deer Larder

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    Wanted: Large Drinks Chiller as Deer Larder

    Hi, Everyone.

    I am after the above for my garage and wondered if anyone has any leads. The infamous auction site has lots, but they are also lots of money. I only need to be able to hang one deer at a time up to fallow buck size. (If I get lucky...)

    I am in the Windsor, Ascot, Bracknell area, if that helps. I am willing to travel within reason for a good deal.

    Many thanks,


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    Contact a local shop refitting firms and as if any shops locall are having a refit then go and ask.

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    Any idea what it costs to re gas those chillers, I have a couple that look perfect but need gas I think ! There in storage in Wick and up for grabs, no good to Dom due to the distance but anyone else up north, your welcome if it's viable...!
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    Hello Dom.
    I have a Coke chiller that i have been using fitted with hanging bars ready to use chills down to 6 degrees. I have had 3 Roe or 2 Sika in it all works fine i am selling as i now have a double door chiller. I want 130 for it. I am near Dorchester Dorset.
    Rod Thompson
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    Rod, you have PM.

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    I know of one that is in very good order for sale, and it will easily take 3 or 4 roe deer. The lad I know wants 250 for it. Based in Scottish Borders.

    It was used for hanging boar for 'hog roasts'.

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    Scottish Borders a bit far, I'm afraid. Thanks for the heads up, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom View Post
    Scottish Borders a bit far, I'm afraid. Thanks for the heads up, though.
    What about Southampton?

    Not sure if it's full height:

    Edit: Actually, there's a few on the Bay, one in Enfield too.
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    All sorted now chaps. Once again, SD to the rescue!

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