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Thread: You meet some real good guys on SD - part 2.

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    You meet some real good guys on SD - part 2.

    I run a small walk and stand shoot which releases 650 poults each year. A combination of wet weather and disease has meant that we've lost around about 150 birds over the space of a week or so, which knocks a big hole in our stock before the season gets underway. I'd like to thank Roedinator and his wife who, at short notice, drove up on a Sunday morning with a batch of poults to make up the shortfall. The poults look great, and there seem to be a few more than the number ordered!
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    I'm willing to bet that there is almost certainly more than you ordered, they are that sort of people.
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    there are some great people on here,

    shame some seem to love spoiling it for others,

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    Rupert and mike thank you for your kind words
    we just like to treat people how we would like to be treated ourselves I suppose
    I was only saying to my wife on the drive home how I have met some top guys off S. D .
    even as far away as norfolk where we enjoyed a fabulous weekend and a silver medal chinese water deer
    as a bonus .
    david and debs a couple we will class as friends forever .

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    Pete and his family are absolutely from the top drawer. In an age of general disinterest and "what's in it for me", I am continually amazed and delighted at the generosity of the members of this site.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Well done guy's,

    Life is simple never ask anybody to do something that you would'nt do yourself first.

    As regarding the site I met Merlin and his son last weekend and they were a pleasure to have with us.

    Regard's Mark.
    Galloway Deer Stalking

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    I have met and become friends with a good number of people on here,it is that sort of site


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    Pete and his mrs do a nice pheasant although I am now sick of the sight of them. I shot a nice bronze buck on his last year, he has some very nice ground and is pretty generous with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobjs View Post
    there are some great people on here,

    shame some seem to love spoiling it for others,

    Every forum has them, the nit pickers and key board jokeys. But in general I think most of the members on here have proved time and again how supportive they are to each other, raising some serious cash for well deserved causes and offering help where it is needed. How many other sites on the web do you see doing the same ?

    And yet again in this instance we see friendships being formed and helping others who may have only met the once. Well done guys
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    Most of the guests I had out last year were SD members, and enjoyed the company of every single one of them.

    Some have re-booked, others are still in touch just for a chat and yet more are now friends.

    I have ben offered stalking as a result, advice where needed, and even offered out the blue the loan of some books as the owner did not need them at that time!

    I hope to catch up with all the others I have conversed with (even those I have upset and not agreed with. lol) over the last 2 years at the fair next spring and no doubt in doing so will secure some more friendships into the bargain...

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