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Thread: Fallow advice

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    Fallow advice

    I shoot on a farm 300 acres approx. There are two parts to it.
    The main part where I have shot Roe.

    Another part about 1 mile away from the main farm; wood surrounded by 4 large fields which are cropped, currently Wheat(2), grass and Rape.

    These fields and wood are the peak of a ridge and it is my guess that the Fallow use it as a summer house.
    There are woods adjacent to the one I shoot in, so the deer have cover and a route in to my wood.

    Before I started shooting deer I had seen upto 12 Fallow in the wood and fields.

    I shot 2 bucks last year, April and August but have only seen bucks there last year, upto 5, but shooting them seems to scare them away for about 3 months.
    Until last week the fields had gas crow bangers for the Rape.

    I saw two bucks there on Thursday and again on Friday, a 3 year old and a spiker.
    Perhaps the 3 year old was showing the spiker around the place?

    If I leave them do more return or they will return anyway if I cull them?

    The farmer regards them as agricultural pests, crop and hedge damage.
    Not used any attractants.

    I would sell the carcases.

    Do I cull them or leave them?

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    The bucks are in season and the farmer wants them shot! Get them shot or risk the farmer getting shot of you to be replaced by some one who will shoot them.


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    Thanks Dave, I think you are right.
    The weekend is usually crap for stalking due to the number of people about. I get best results in the week.
    And its windy.

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    Outside the rut fallow bucks tend to live in bachelor parties and can be quite spooky, especially if older bucks are involved. The really old bucks are often solitary (or maybe just one or two attendants) and can go quite nocturnal hanging out in outlying woods away from disturbance. They are also quite unpredictable as a species and unlike roe,to see them in a field today is no guarantee that they will be there tomorrow.

    Take your bucks when you see them, they may be gone tomorrow.

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