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Thread: What are your direct observations of phases of the moon upon Deer?

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    What are your direct observations of phases of the moon upon Deer?

    Hi All
    I have had this discussion many times with lots of people over the years and I think it a fasinating area to dedate.
    Do the phases of the moon directly effect the behaviour of deer and if so what are your direct observations and experiences?

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    I never have much luck with a full moon either mornings or evenings. I believe the deer are able to feed much easier throughout the entire night and therefore don't need to endanger themselves by coming out at first or last light. I've been out tonight and last night and only got a Muntjac doe! Not seen much activity either which is typical for the full moon with a clear sky! Full moon with cloud cover doesn't seem as bad.

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    + one with MS.
    Been out the last 2 nights lamping for fox on a couple of farms, and have seen more roe than foxes (got 4 cubs though).
    walked the same land first light and no deer to be seen!!!
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Went to Norfolk Sunday morning, to a location with lots of Roe, some Red and lots of Muntjac. Saw one Roe buck, one doe with twins, no Red and bumped two Muntjac who were deep in cover. Neither my pal or I got a shot. I have consistently noticed that the deer seldom are out at dawn if the moon is full with a clear sky.
    I have got to the stage where I think it almost pointless to try a dawn stalk in those conditions. Why did I go yesterday ? Because I didn't think to look at what phase the moon was in ! The dawn was beautiful, saw barn owls, buzzards and lots of other birds so worth it overall but not for enhancing the cull.

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    I've posted this before, but there seem to be 3 things which will spoil an outing.
    1. Full moon!
    2. Frost! - don't bother going out until it has thawed.
    3. North Easterly wind- or anywhere between North and east.

    If you have all three, either stay in bed or go to the pub!!!!!

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    Concur, if your a fisherman then this would be a very hot topic. Can't help noticing that i was out almost every evening last week around full moon and it was dire. Early this wek no joy. Last night manic on foxes, saw 8 shot 6 and saw at least 6 roe in 3 hours, i think MS rule is absolutely spot on.


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    I agree , over here we always try to avoid hunting during a full moon for the same reasons.On a side note , I,ve always hunted ahead of storm fronts as most game becomes much more active

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