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Thread: 58 grain VMax on Roe

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    58 grain VMax on Roe

    Is a 58 grain v max in a .243 a suitable bullet for roe deer?

    Question relates to areas in which this is legal.

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    It kills if that is what you are asking - emphatically.

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    My mate uses them on foxes personaly i dont think they are up to much. Prob better with a 90grain soft in scotland so it depends on the laws where u are.

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    i think your question is open to interpretation especially the word suitable.. Ive used VMax on roe and it kills them very well. Some people would always choose to shoot a heavier bullet with a soft point for 'controlled' expansion. Its horses for courses on this one and im sure theres a lot of guys north of the border who have shot numerous deer with VMax's and swear by them..

    My own experience with them shows they have devastating terminal effects but be prepared to either lose 's at the game dealers or meat if you butcher them yourself.

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    V-Max is a varmint bullet and is designed for rapid expansion on small soft mammals.
    There are many more suitable bullets for deer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    V-Max is a varmint bullet and is designed for rapid expansion on small soft mammals.
    There are many more suitable bullets for deer.

    100% correct Sir.
    They were not designed for Deer sized animals.


    100 %

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    I use 78 grain v max bullet for foxes mate in my and efficient. Never use anything other than the right deer round for roe.v max for fox .the 78 grain is only an inch high when i change from the 90 grain that i use for roe to shoot a fox
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    i use 50grain sako arrowheads in 223 and the seem to work very well on roe and fox.

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    I agree Ian, although I always thought that varmint bullets are made to fragment on impact - not expand!

    Light cased varmint bullets can kill deer well but over the years having seen a few splash hits with very poor penetration resulting in runners, mostly through misplaced shots I admit - with the result of deer suffering unnecessarily & I cannot condone that.

    Give the deer the respect of being killed quickly.

    243 shoots any bullet weight up to 105 grain fast enough to kill any vermin at any sensible range - so there is no point in using varmint bullets when deer may be the quary.

    (Tin hat on for incoming "flat shooting & bullet drop" b******x comments).


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    Hi Yorric,
    I prefer to use the phrase expand rather then fragment because in my experience the bullet does indeed fragment on occaision but most of the time they dont, they just expand.


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