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Thread: Let's hope this ends the right way.

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    Let's hope this ends the right way.

    Just seen this. I shall be watching to see the outcome. Hoping it ends well for the homeowners.

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    good enough for them i reckon thieving twats

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    Be interesting to see who gets locked up first and for how long ,Anyone taking bets!

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    I wish the homeowners all the best and hope they walk free and keep there sgc/fac and firearms as well good luck....

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    Shame the HO don't want to countenance the immediate drop in burglaries, or violence, visited on innocent homeowners that would undoubtedly come from footpads & miscreants being dealt with summarily!, it might reduce their budget requirements too much.
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    ..... I shouldn't really but I did smile when I read this. I doubt it, but it would be nice if common sense prevailed for a change and the only prosecution is the burglars.
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    A truly awful situation to find yourself in. If reports are correct, up to four ner do wells attempting to break in to a remote farm house. The owner is at home with his wife, and rang the police to inform them. Now should he strike first while he has the initiative, or wait until he or his wife is attacked or at very least threatened, and then call it self defence? I hope the owner of the property gets the benefit of the doubt on this one.

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    Looks like common sense has prevailed and the owner of the property have not been charged, still waiting to see what happens to their firearms certs ?

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    if they haven't been charged then no crime has been commited so i guess they keep the certs.........

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    Nearly three days in custody seems bit rough to me , i don't think the police are very sympathetic !

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