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Thread: tikka t3 custom stainless bolt handle and bolt set color black/silver

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    tikka t3 custom stainless bolt handle and bolt set color black/silver

    I have some sets of these custom t3 bolt handle,knob and bolt shroud set availible
    price is 103 delivered options are bolt knob,and shroud black or will be availible but will be a special orderAttachment 18820
    the shroud and bolt knob are machined aluminium and the handle is stainless
    also can supply the shroud on its own for 38 delivered and this will fit t3,595,695
    also coming soon will be a stainless shroud and bolt knob with handle this will be 150 deliveredAttachment 18819
    pm me if your interested

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    don't know mmbeatle but these bolt knobs transform the feel of a tikka and are worth every penny

    this is mine and it makes the action smoother.

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    I have a 595 and have heard that some shrouds made for the T3 don't necessarily make a good fit on the 595.
    Im pretty happy with the standard bolt handle but would really like the stainless shroud,but would it fit?

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